This Week at the Mandir

Our Shivaratri inaugural function was an enormous success, with nearly 5,000 people passing through last Sunday and Monday and performing abhishekam to Sri Maha Kaleshwar themselves.  Many people were deeply moved by the experience of doing abhishekam personally to such a huge and powerful lingam on this very special day.  The day began with abhishekam for Lord Shiva Nataraja and ended with bilva archana.  Continuous dance and music performances by outstanding local artists graced the main hall during all the pujas.

At the end of Monday’s abhishekam and puja, a miraculous occurrence took place.  The priest had blown the vibhuti (sacred ash), which had been flown directly from Maha Kaleshwar temple in Ujjain, India, onto the lingam.  After some time a reverse OM symbol appeared in the ash on the face of the murti, as a reflection of the Om in the devotee’s own self.  The appearance of this OM of its own accord on Shivaratri was felt to be a direct sign from Lord Shiva of his power and blessing to all the devotees present.

Devotees continued to visit the new temple all week, and each one had deep and personal experiences of the power emanating from Sri Maha Kaleshwar.  Some were quite overwhelmed, and burst into song or tears.  On Friday we performed a rousing Sri Lalita Sahasranam chant for our Devi Kalikambal, who also shares the sanctum, and on Saturday morning at 11 am she received her first formal abhishekam (sacred bath).  Devi’s radiant grace and power could be felt by all present.

Every Sunday morning at 11 am Sri Maha Kaleshwar will receive abhishekam by devotees, followed by live music performances.  We are open every evening for puja and arati at 7 pm, followed by bhajans and meditation.  Special chants and pujas will be scheduled from 5-7 pm.  If you would like to sponsor any puja, including abhishekam for Devi or Sri Maha Kaleshwar, please contact us or visit our donate page.

We look forward to seeing you soon at Sri Maha Kaleshwar Mandir, now conveniently located in the heart of Santa Clara.


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