The Jyotirlingams Project

Swami Sathasivom first received the inspiration to establish Shiva temples in the United States in 1989.  In 2007 he began the construction of the first four of an eventual 12 sahasra jyotirlingams to come to the United States.  In 2010 Swamiji undertook a three month vow to complete 1008 Chandi homams, in support of his vision to establish the jyotirlingam temples in the United States.  By performing ten Chandi homas every day for three months Swamiji was able to complete this vow in August of 2010 in Ashland, MA, near Boston.  Shortly afterwards Sri Maha Kaleshwar jyotirlingam arrived in La Honda, and the first of the envisioned twelve jyotirlingam temples was established.

The twelve Jyotirlingams, or “lingams of light,” are special manifestations of Lord Shiva that appear to the higher mind as infinite columns of light penetrating through the earth and into the cosmos.  These consecrated murtis of Lord Shiva concentrate and radiate his enormous power with great force.  By sculpting the Jyotirlingams for the United States as “sahasralingams,” with 1008 individual Shivalingams inscribed into the surface of the overall lingam, this enormous power is multiplied a thousand fold.

Sri Maha Kaleshwar is the first of the 12 Jyotirlingams to be consecrated in the United States.  Temples dedicated to the remaining 11 Jyotirlingams are being planned for areas all around the United States, with the next temples to be opened in Boston and Texas.  The Boston Jyotirlingam will be Sri Aumkareshwar.

This project is the culmination of the life’s work of Swami Sathasivom.  The Sree Narayanee Kalikambal Sathasivom Foundation has been established to bring this vision to reality.  If you would like to support the mission of the Jyotiringam Project, please write to  Your donation at our Donate page will directly support the work of the Foundation (please indicate that you are donating in support of the Jyotirlingam Project when donating).