We are located at

2344A Walsh Avenue, Bldg. F, Santa Clara Commerce Park, Santa Clara; just off the San Tomas Expressway.

  • Temple is open to all
  • Open daily for meditation, chanting, and worship
  • Visitors can perform puja themselves or request services

Guidelines for Visiting the Temple

The temple is a place of meditation and devotion.  We strive to maintain a peaceful, harmonious, and uplifting atmosphere at all times.  To support this goal, and for the comfort and safety of all, please observe the following simple guidelines when visiting:

  • Silence your cell phone and pager
  • You should be covered down at least below your knees and ladies please cover yourself.
  • Ask permission before taking photographs, video or audio recordings
  • Be aware that you are on camera whenever you are inside the temple:  audio and video streaming of all temple events is webcast live
  • Offer to assist with setup or cleanup for large events if you are able to. 

Although certainly not necessary, it is customary to bring a small offering when visiting a temple.  Typical items include fruits, flowers, or small quantities of home-cooked vegetarian food that has not been tasted (rice dishes, milk puddings and sweets, etc.—made with no eggs or non-vegetarian items, garlic, or onions).  Monetary donations are also welcome, and may be placed in the donations box inside the temple.

We look forward to seeing you soon.